New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans (NAFPS)

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fraudulent and defamatory”>

I found that my business reputation and name are being defamed by this entity known as “NAFPS” and “Al Carroll” inadvertently by doing a search on I have a physical business location offering licensed Massage Therapy and am additionally licensed in Minnesota to offer Wellness Consultations, offering Food as Medicine, where I’ve helped hundreds of clients in good faith, often for no charge reverse and assist with given diagnosis. I have had an extensive amount of education including herbal studies in part, massage school, and my grandmother worked with me a young girl developing intuitive abilities.
When I perused this information, I was shocked! I have a website that I pay for and people often search the internet to seek out references and make sure there is no bad press! There is NONE about me whatsoever; including NONE at my physical business address in a small city where I would have been removed long ago in a very conservative community!
I feel that I am being disparaged, defamed and that my stellar reputation is suffering the result of this fraud.
I am entirely sure that I am aware of the person who submitted this to Mr. Carroll (Kandi Hodges Adams) who resides in Lathrop, California and is angry that her mother, my grandmother indicated to the family before her passing in 2010 that our family genealogy included an African descendant. I was told this as a child that I have African ancestors and Etna E. Floyd disclosed it to the entire family before her passing in Minnesota in, I believe it was 2010. Kandi Hodges Adams, whose name is also submitted on the photographs of Etna E. Floyd, her biological mother is full of hate and contempt at my success of nearly 35 years of study of natural healing and my successes at helping others and was angered at her being viewed as “attacked” on my Facebook personal page where she was a “friend” until I removed her as she was making statements on her page that I was her niece and that I was “…not a Shaman.” I have invested my entire life in this work; it’s my passion helping other people; the majority of it has been at no charge until I recently when as a solo mother and my son graduated this past year I put together a website at: offering my services to the virtual community. She intimated that she was on the phone seeking to disparage my reputation for which I am greatly affected.

I would sincerely appreciate any and all help I may receive in this regard; I am at a loss as to what to do about this and how somebody can post this kind of thing?

Please contact me via email or telephone if there is a way to discuss this and recommend further what I may do to stop this individual: Kandi Hodges Adams.

Very truly yours, Karen L. Pringle (was unsure how to choose file/attach) this is the link.

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Found At: New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans (NAFPS) – fraudulent and defamatory

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