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Allow me to introduce myself. I’ve been a member at Lucille Roberts for the past 3 years and a new member to NYSC since March 2019.

I was introduced to a gym in 1986. I became a lifetime member of Jack La Lanne/Bally Total fitness in 1987. Later in 2005, I was an instructor for Bally Total fitness for about 7 years. In my years of being a gym member/instructor, have I ever experienced what I’m about to write, nor did I ever treat a member in this manner.

The gym environment has been instrumental in my health, happiness and overall well being, as I’m sure it is for most of the members in a gym. This is my happy place where I look to feel good and where I’m inspired by so many amazing instructors.

Due to injuries, I stopped teaching but I never stopped working out. When I moved to back to NYC from Jersey 4 yrs ago, I found Lucille Roberts. I very soon had a gym family again. I then decided to upgrade my membership. This would allow more variety in my workout and more results. On March 1st, 2019 duel membership kicked in. I was super excited that my schedule would allow me to spin at NYSC. Lucille Roberts Grand Central does not offer spin and I was over the moon that I no longer had to spend $30 per class at Soul Cycle. It got so expensive I had to stop spinning and as a former Madd Dogg Certifed instructor…I was missing my spin.

Upon joining NYSC Grand Central I was told that Tamara Jackson was the best spin instructor. It must hold true because her class is always full to capacity and until today (04/4/19), I had only been able to take one of her classes.

Today, a friend texted me and asked if I was going to LR or NYSC. I had checked 1st thing in the am for Tamara’s class but it was full. That afternoon when my friend texted me, I checked again and to my surprise, I got a spot. Whoohoo!

Of all days I got stuck at the office and was so disappointed that I’d miss the class ( it tried to cancel on the app but was unsuccessful) so I sprinted out of the office hoping to at least catch a good 1/2. I was almost certain that someone had grabbed my bike but I was going to chance it and prayed that an empty bike still had my name on it.

As I ran past the spin room, I saw an empty bike! I quickly changed and ran into the spin room; wait for it…buzz kill. Ms. Jackson walks up to me and said, “Nope, you can’t take this class we already started and we already climbed one hill. HUH? She then said, ” I don’t allow anyone to be late to class!” HUH? Now…how was I suppose to know this; I had only been in one of her class.

Why would she not allow me ( a paying member with a reserved bike…that was clearly available) to take the class? Why didn’t she wait till after class and pull me aside and say, “BTW, please don’t come late, next time I won’t allow it.” The bike was empty and I was present and yet I was asked to LEAVE? I walked out thinking…what just happened? How can this even be possible that I was just discouraged from a workout? HUH? (again, very confused)

Now understand this, I’m speaking from a former instructors perspective and a member:

As an instructor, we are there to mentor, motivate, coach, guide and inspire members. Including but not limited to members who struggle with life, health, depression, weight, stress, and members who are there just because they love to work out. Guess what? I walked out of there never wanting to go back. She killed my high, my expectations, my desire to ever want to step foot in her class and/or maybe even NYSC. Is this the message you want to give your members. I’m disgusted, irate, really in shock, not to mention humiliated.

I would also like to mention that on my way out, I asked for a manager. The gentleman at the desk pointed at the young lady. I asked the young lady, “are you the manager?’ Without any eye contact, she said “I’m the sales manager. If you want the gym manager, here is his card.” Wait…What? What happened to “I’m the sales manager, is there something I can assist you with?” Really? This day could not have gotten any worst.

Is this what I pay money for? Is this what I upgraded my membership for? Is this how I should expect to be treated at NYSC? Life happens and working in NYC is stressful. I don’t need to go to “my happy place” and be treated like a piece of _____ just because I was stuck at the office; making money to allow myself the luxury of being a gym member. When dealing with people/public one must have couth not ego.

I will never return to Ms. Jackson’s class but I do expect a formal apology from her; at the very least. Unless this is acceptable by upper management and this is how I should expect to be treated at NYSC.

Thank you in advance for your time.


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