I bought from them about 2 months ago, i bought a pair of nike shox and 3 pair of oakleys, I ordered on a thursday and got my stuff within a week, I paid paypal so if they did rip me off then i could get my money back, i Paid 40 for the shoes ans 14 a pair on the glasses and 21 shipping, when i got my order I was missing one pair of glasses and one pair was broke, so i got one pair and it was the wrong color, the shoes are defently fake as hell and so are the glasses. I have worn the shoes every day since i got them and they are not the worst pair of shoes i have even worn but far from the best, the sole has already started to peel off and the yellow has turned to black, so for 40 bucks it is a toss up but i do not think i will buy from again, and with the glasses i sent an email and had a refund for 2 pair within hours

Found At: Nike – beware!!!

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