This blatant liars and cheaters utter sweet nothing to get pay for the order in the 1st place, once the money is paid the the customer is at their mercy.
I strongly advise everyone not to transact with this company.
I was looking for clothes for my son’s Waleema ceremony (29/1120), then ended up falling for their all sweet promises and lies. She texted that the order will be received before Deepavali if I place the order by 28/10/20, that is within 10-14 working days
Their so called customer service person named Puja got me to pay for the order amounting to AUD 756.61 through PayPal, when processing it came up as USD instead of AUD, there after I had to make sure the payment hadn’t gone through.
On 2/11/20, I paid the amount through PayPal and placed the order. After 2 weeks I’m checking with them about about shipment, no concrete replies but it would be shipped, Finally after wasting so much of my time, she shared me the shipment tracking details, in the meanwhile we had to postpone the function, which was nothing for this cheaters. I received the delivery on 28/11/20 to my shock and amazement. They shipped all but another saree, didn’t have any courtesy to inform about the short shipment.
Furthermore, the Lehenga blouse wasn’t stitched as per our requirement and the buttons in Sherwani was worn off.
Up to now the saree is not shipped, coming with all sort of crap excuses, as mentioned by many others they have taken thus order for an item that is not available. We had to spend more money to buy required clothes locally.
They are so thick skinned, I have demanded 1/2 refund for the hassle I have been through and same saree I have paid for to be shipped.
So once again please refrain from transacting with this cheaters and inform your friends and families

Found At: NineColours – Online clothes ordered

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