Noah's Little Ark

I have just found this website. After reading the complaints, my worse fears have been confirmed. In February of 2011 I drove to Duane’s house south of Chattanooga to purchase a pup or a retired female. I wanted to see the dogs in person and definitely did not want a pup or dog put in a crate on an airplane. I think this should be illegal. He first brought in a 6 y/o silver female who was a beautiful dog so I didn’t ask to see puppies. She rode quietly with me in the car on the 5 hour trip back to KY. Within 2 days she got out the door and wouldn’t come back to me. I live on a lake in a wooded area (snakes, fox, coyotes, hawks and eagles) and could not catch her. I tried food, no food, even a trap (only to catch a raccoon which I freed). I couldn’t get close enough to catch her. I called Duane to see if he would come and try since she would know him. He refused. (I wonder why!). The only reason I still have her is after 10 days one of my neighbors found her in cold water at the bottom of his pool. Thank goodness he was keeping it drained for the winter & just happened to go out to check the water level. She has been with me for over 7 years now & is the most precious thing in the world. However, she doesn’t know what a toy is, shakes if around new people or in a new place, still won’t come to me, and does not like to cuddle. And she NEVER barks—only 3 times in 7 years. I have always been skeptical of her past but believed she was not mistreated, just not socialized. I thank the Lord I found her and can give her the love and attention she never had. I have accepted the fact she is who she is (because of her first 6 years) and love her more because of it. She has the run of the house, a heated bed, groomed regularly, walked daily, has a fenced in yard (which I go out with her because of the eagles) and has traveled with me to Florida, Alabama, New Orleans and to St Louis where my children live. She LOVES to walk and “go” in the car. And she has the best of health care — my son and daughter-in-law are both veterinarians! I don’t understand how Noah’s Ark stays in business. And why puppy mills still exist. I don’t want to see NA puppies not sold (I want them saved from a despicable environment) but I want him shut down and put out of business.

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