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reservation #[protected] the cruise July 1

1. You charged us $3000.00 more for our inside cabin because we chose a cabin number so we could be near our daughter. when I told your representative that I just wanted to be near her, she said for the originally quoted price of $899pp we could be put anywhere on the ship. I’m not sure what date you changed the price from$899 pp to approximately $2500.00pp, but that is extreme and outrageous.
2. I was told more than once from your people on the phone that our cruise port in Hamburg was Altona. We had the cab driver take us there, and in trying to get there we were told by a policeman that the cruise was at some other port on the other side of the river. Instead of costing 20 euros, it cost us 75.
3. The ports needing tenders were given to me wrong. I booked our excursions according to the tender ports so we would be able to get off the ship in time for our excursions. I was told that Lerwick did not require a tender, but it did and we couldn’t get off the ship until 10:00 on July 5. Fortunately we found a BETTER tour where I could actually see puffins close up. I don’t believe you even offered such an excursion even though there are puffins at most every port we stopped.
4. On July 12, I was told by your excursion representative that there was nothing to do in Invergordon. Just 2 gift shops. Our excursion (a Norwegian one) wasn’t until 1 pm. We took a chance and went there after breakfast and saw that there was a lot to do, including the Britanica, a shopping center and a free shuttle bus around the town.

5. In addition to that, we had to wait hours and hours in lines–for tender tickets, to get onto the tenders, and the customs check. The Invergordon lines to get on the tenders were a nightmare. July12. We were in line for several flights of stairs, they miss counted and we couldn’t get on one tender so the people behind us got on the next one before us and we were herded to the other side of the ship to wait for the next tender. Coming back from our Norwegian excursion we had to wait in another long line waiting for a tender to come. All of these lines took at least one hour, often much longer.

We want a refund for the $3000.00 extra that you charged us and 55 Euros for the extra cab ride to get to the ship.

The people serving us were wonderful, but the above was awful. Norwegian has been put at the bottom of our list for cruises.

Found At: Norwegian Cruise Line – wrong information and disorganization

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