NYC Housing Authority [NYCHA]

My name is Tony Bobet. I resided at 1710 Seward Avenue, Bronx, New York City, 10473, Apartment# 5-G. My brother, Raul Bobet, that he resided with me. He went to court to file an complaint because they ( New York City Housing Authority ) are doing any repair. So, my brother went to court to order the repairs. Additional, of that the judge tell the assist. management to give us a new stove. The judge told my brother if the assist manager are not give you a new stove to come back and file an complaint. Additional, Information that Superintendent is still mad at me, because, i got him in trouble. Because he used my bathroom mirror without permission to used it. So, i got him in trouble with housing.
My rent is paid on time. In the below of this page. The judge didn’t tell me or my brother to call the Consumer Complaint Center to make an ticket for any repairs. i never call for any ticket. This is not my job and my brother, too.

Found At: NYC Housing Authority [NYCHA] – lack of repair and replace a stove.

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