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Ocean Harbour is the most horrible insurance company. I should have done my research! I was involved in a car accident, the other party was at fault. Due to the other party having limited coverages, I had to follow up by starting with my insurance to cover damages and my insurance goes after the other parties insurance (Geico insurance) for damages payment. Geico deemed my car a total loss about one month ago. The accident occurred on 12/19/2021. My car was sitting in impound waiting for ocean Harbour to towed to ocean Harbour for two weeks, then when they finally inspected it two weeks later. Meanwhile because I didnt have rental reimbursement I’m without transportation. The car is located finally at a repair shop because ocean Harbour said it’s not a total loss and estimate damages around $5,000. Until the shop can inspect and see if there is additional damages. The shop said they have a backlog and cant even inspect until next week. Meanwhile, I’m stuck six weeks without a car with injuries from the accident, caught Covid, and suffering from Diabetic Neuropathy because my diabetes is out of control due to stress and Covid. I’m also a Disabled Senior. It’s been almost 7weeks without a car and ocean Harbour has no care. The adjuster telling at me “You just have to wait.” I will definitely get insured with Geico when I get my car repaired or get another car. They have treated me so kind and understanding going above and beyond to help. Even providing a rental as long as they could. Geico is a Real Good Insurance Company. They handled my claim very well, even contacting the ocean harbour adjuster Celine Gomez to ask for help with the claim, she flat out refused. Please do not go with Ocean Harbour insurance! They are a RIP OFF! They treat a Disabled Senior like this. I have no more money cause I’m sick and stuck without being able to do laundry, get groceries or see a doctor for treatment. I cant afford Ubers anymore.

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