Off Road Kings Reviews

Off Road Kings Reviews

  • Aug 28, 2021

Just want to let other people know about this person/company so they do not have to go through what we are going through.

Hello all, I am here to write what is happening to us because of Ross Andrew at Off Road Kings. I am sure some people have heard stories about this person. Here is mine for you to share and post on as many Facebook groups as possible. Even if we stop one person for going to go and see him, it will be worth it.

Before coming back to Canada on April 2021.

We signed a Power of Attorney for Ross to see our car. Well in late July 2021 our car did sell. I did not find this information through Ross, I had my car insurance broker do a search on the car. That is how I found out our car was sold. Great news, right. NOT.

Confronting Ross on what I know, he was still beating around the bush. His says the reason for not giving us our money is due the 30 day warranty all car dealers must give for a used car. I do not have a problem with the 30 day warranty. Before we came back to Canada we took a picture of the km. After many attempts, Ross finally sent me a picture of the new km. Guess what. And to this day, he says my car did not leave the lot. 12,000km was added onto the car in 4 months. That is my problem. What should I be responsible for any work that is required on the car when he was responsible for the km put on the car. All that were and tear is his responsibility.

Oh, before we left, we brought the car into his shop to see what worked needed to be done. Brakes and suspension was done and paid for. That is all the work he told me.

All he is doing is delaying. That money was used to pay off some other unpleasant customer.

Something else people should know. After we put negative reviews on his Off Road Kings Facebook page, he has removed the review option. So nobody can write a negative/positive review for his business.

Do not let him work on your vehicle, side by side. He uses after market parts. I have it on voice message.

Do not give him any money before you have the keys for the vehicle in your hands.

Do not leave your vehicle or side by side with him He thinks he can lend it out, without you permission.

Sure hope this does get posted and other people read it. Thank you for your time.

Published at Mon, 30 Aug 2021 22:33:3 GMT

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