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I frequent Office Depot before the pandemic, so naturally it was my first stop to get printing paper and get a extra copy of my income tax, that needed to be mailed out. I go in and pick up the paper for my printer then I go over to the copy center and they have a sign that reads “5$ minimum Order”. The worker said you can use the self service copier. I say ok and I turn around and see they have a new payment machine attached, because you have to use your credit card in order to pay. (I don’t really like to use this machine with my credit card information) I proceed and I really only need maybe 10-15 copies of just the tax return. I got to set up to get my copies copied and as I am advancing on the screen to get to the page to take my credit card and then make my copies, I see a note that you have to agree to before you can advance and pay for your copies. The note say that there will be a $5.00 hold on your credit card. Now I am upset, because now during this pandemic you have changed all the rules of this store for whatever reasons. I am not about to make $2.00 worth of copies and then you charge a $5.00 hold of my credit card and now you have a store that is empty and your worker behind the copy center desk will not make copies for less than a $5.00 MINIMUM ORDER! Now you set up the self service to put a $5.00 HOLD on my credit card for less than $5.00 of copies. This is the most ASINIE thing I have ever experienced. Everyone during this time of pandemic wants to hold on to the money that they have, when they are not working and you have more going out, that what is coming in. I am not about to give it to Office Depot. Based off of this I am no longer a customer of this company. Is the principal of the thing. Bad business and plain greed on the part of the store.

Found At: Office Depot – Copy center

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