Olshan Foundation Solutions

This is the most impersonal company and process I have ever experienced. When you call they send out a “certified technician.” Certified in what who knows. They draw up a plan to repair your home, schedule a date and take your money. That is the last time you see the nice man with the olshan name on his uniform. When the big day finally arrives an unmarked truck full of non english speaking illegal day laborers arrive. There is an semi-english speaking “supervisor” to answer your questions in broken english. They dig holes and lift the home, and in the process manage to cause numerous cracks in your brickwork where there previously were none and cause additional cracks throughout the inside and outside your house. Eventually you begin to have plumbing leaks under the slab because they have broken your sewer lines which cause additional damage that they will not pay for, which in turn causes more settling. When you call to have your awesome olshan “lifetime warranty” honored, they try to sell you more piers. If you refuse they drive off never to be heard from again.

Found At: Olshan Foundation Solutions – Fix it and Forget – YOU!

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