I booked a London stay, Pretty Woman tickets and breakfast via Wowcher in July 2021, I couldn’t book it as there was no available dates last year so we booked for 19th & 20th February 2022.

My confirmation email said I would receive two vouchers upto 48 hours before we were due to travel, I was getting worried as I still hadn’t received anything on Friday morning, which was approx 24 hours before we were due to travel.

I kept calling the OMG customer service number but there doesn’t appear to be a human there, just an automated service telling you to email, and they’ll reply within 3 days, yet that was not an option given how late in the day it was!

I eventually got hold of someone via whatsapp and they sent me an email at 11:27 am Friday to say “there has been an error with the booking of the theatre show from our theatre supplier”, and we’d have to choose something else.

Bearing in mind I was booked for Pretty Woman and now I was heading to see Woman in Black which couldn’t be more different!

I spent £89 x2 for the hotel & tickets and £147.00 on train travel to see a show I wasn’t particularly interested in!

There has been no apology or decent explanation!

The customer service is non existent and the communication is appaling!

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