One Medical Passport

Apparently hospitals and surgeons all over the country are relying on One Medical Passport to collect data online for pre-surgical patients.

Thus, I’ve been instructed to use One Medical Passport to submit my entire medical history, pills, allergies, etc., in preparation for my upcoming surgery. So I began that process on [protected]. After taking my identification data, it demanded that I click on a box to agree to its Terms and Conditions (T&C). “Everybody” is using it, so this should be OK, right? WRONG!

Those T&C are a nightmare for anyone who reads them all the way through. I won’t quote them here — they’re available to anyone who goes to OMP’s website. The basic problem is their disclaimer of any responsibility whatsoever to do their job right, coupled with a draconian indemnification clause that makes the patient liable for damages and attorney fees incurred in the course of squashing any complaint relating to their flubs.

In case this needs to be said: I haven’t encountered any doctor or hospital that employ T&C agreements, especially one like this. Organizations that do so should not be trusted with medical data.

Desired resolution: OMP must remove the offending clauses from its T&C and take responsibility for its work. Also, hospitals must provide alternate ways to submit medical data without a T&C hassle.

Found At: One Medical Passport – Unconscionable Terms and Conditions for handling medical data

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