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I signed up for One Plan car insurance on the 5th of March 2021, as I was fetching my car from the dealership on the 6th of March 2021. Since inception, I have been having issues with the One Plan app which I had communicated. I also went to PG Glass in order to try get the validation of the car sorted out, but unfortunately, due to the working hours clashing with my working hours, it was closed every time I got there. Even through the struggles, I was able to upload pictures on my One Plan app, but every single time I upload then they would come back and ask me to re-upload pictures that they didn’t have issues with at inception. As I had stated, the app has been giving me problems. It crops out pictures I took and deforms them. It takes 5 minutes just to upload 1 picture. In overall, to upload all pictures, it would take a good 2-3 hours. Also, the time it takes for them to validate the pictures is too long. Meanwhile, I will be driving a car that is not insured but I am paying every single month. I have reached out to quite a number of employees to help me with this issue, but nobody was keen as nobody was replying to my emails (as seen attached). I then decided to drive to One plan on the 20th of July 2021 (during my sick leave – sick note attached) as I realized that my car has never been covered from March and I had uploaded all pictures and paid all my premiums without fail on time. I also recently changed my address from Cape Town to Klerksdorp, and nobody mentioned that my car is still not covered. They changed my address and updated my premiums even though I was apparently still not covered by One Plan car insurance. I am still having issues to date with the app. I have even changed phones and I am still having problems. The app shows that I am 25% covered, whereas I am paying to be covered 75% with 25% excess. I still have 3 different “car and household policies” on my One plan app. I have asked about this and was told it will be resolved, but it however has still not been resolved. A lot of my issues can be seen in my email communications with the One Plan personnel.

I would like you to please assist me get my premiums refunded for the period my car was not covered as I had done everything on my side and the problems were with One Plan which were only resolved when I drove to their offices.

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