Ontario Energy Group

It’s that time of year ago, when those PREDATORS come out to PREY. A person knocked on my door today, When I went to answer it he said “I’m from the Ontario Energy BOARD, and I’m here to inspect your air-conditioning unit . I told him I wasn’t interested. He replied “You don’t understand, you need to have it inspected” – I asked him for his ID – which he replied his “MANAGER” had it, across the road. I said, well until I see who you are, I’m not talking to you. So he went out and called his manager over, (HE NEVER DID SHOW UP). Anyways, again, very persistent, I called my husband to the door. My husband also proceeded to tell him, he was not interested in what he was selling and to please leave. He replied, MANDATORY INSPECTION, my husband being in the business for years, asked him WHAT exactly he want to inspect, he became very flustered and tried to challenge my husband. Again he was sent away. I came in called Local Police (Windsor) who sent a car right over. The officer spoke to both the “manager” and the other salesperson, and was told to KNOCK OFF the INTIMIDATING SALES CALLS. If people aren’t interested to leave. Why should the police have to be called? DEAL WITH YOUR SALESPEOPLE before people are scammed.

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