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I’m wondering if anyone out there has had a less than agreeable experience with the company ontario energy group, based in oakville. It’s been a few months now since they came to install their waterless tank. Ever since signing the contract with them, it’s been a constant battle. They left us without hot water in minus 20 degree weather in feb. Since then we’ve had problems with the furnace and all of a sudden no one is accessible at the company. I’m tired of companies offering services to the public (scams) then once a contract is signed they don’t return your phone calls and all of a sudden you don’t exist. It’s been seven months and we don’t even have a copy of the contract and our warranty. I’m just wondering what experiences others have had with this company. I know companies change their names and operate under different umbrella’s. There needs to be some serious change in laws and regulations. As a consumer I feel i’ve been left without any rights and no where to turn to.

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