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Have bought three sets of these products not cheap either over 100$ I spend a lot of money a month at this store just to have parts laying around that are defective & faulty Here comes the major issue when I take a part back to the store they always want to put it back on the card I paid off of okay no problem until this last time I don’t have that card for it to be put on had to cancel that debit card due to it being stolen I don’t see the problem with one time the manager overriding it and give cash back one time bc putting it back on a card doesn’t do any good speaking of the I guess she’s a manger her name is Melissa is all that I know very rude customer service Putting input in about me and she doesn’t even know me saying I was probably returning these items for drugs now really thats straight up disrespectful.. even tho I spend 500 to 1000 a month on parts I Will take my business elsewhere where I don’t get treated in such a bad manner, I’ve got numerous parts laying in my house that’s useless doesn’t work or even bc they given me a wrong part but will not take it back I fee very disrespected & disgusted in the way I have been treated with such awful customer service it’s not right and not fair that I cannot get a refund on parts and it being the customer service reps fault for giving wrong or faulty parts along with having a very rude manager talk to a customer how she did… would like my problem resolved I even had to go back 4 times inna day because they kept on giving me the wrong universal joint. Would like a solution on how to get my money refunded when I don’t even have the debit card I paid off of it’s just bizarre how I was treated

Found At: O’Reilly Auto Parts – Crankshaft position sensor & crankshaft position sensor & universal joints

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