We contracted with Orkin ptobably a month or so ago to do a moisture barrier and spray for spiders. Long story short neither were done correctly, the moisture barrier was only placed around the edge that we could see, tgen my husband went underneath and the middke was not even done, the column were not wrapped and I continued to tell him they did not spray because I was seeing just as many spiders as before.So I had to go buy some Bengal spider spray and soray along the walls and doors of the house.Then I started not seeing so many. and now we have to pay 60 dollars a month for a year for absolutely nothing, because we do not want our credit affected. They came out to redo but its still the same. And on top of that they did tge elderly couple across the street for mold, moisture and so forth and they are not finished. They did not complete our home nor theirs, we wanted termite treatment, which we will get but it will not be from orkin we feel if they would not do this correct how in the world can we trust them to do termite control. I’m sending my complaint too you first then we will go from here.

Found At: Orkin – Pest control especially spiders, and moisture barrier

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