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We were contacted by Outdoor Adventures Inc. through a drawing we had entered. We went to the companies Davison Michigan site and were met with a salesperson. He told us about what they were offering, allowed us to tour their facility and waited for our reply to their sales pitch. We were not allowed access to all of the material on their program until after we signed up. We were interested in their coast to coast promotion as we have no motor home and wanted to make use of the cabins situated in many areas of the country. The salesman and the office staff were very friendly and no more strong armed then most sales persons. We made it very clear that we have pets and no motor home. We paid in full, meaning the cost of membership in Outdoor Adventures, Coast to Coast, and the full year of membership fees. We were promised a follow up call the next day by our salesperson to see if we had any questions. That evening with all materials in tow I started to look for destinations all over the country with cabins that we might travel to. Much to my surprise, the vast majority of the facilities with cabins would not accept our pet. We could not use the membership that we had just charged $6300.00 on our credit card for. When the salesman called the next day I told him what I had found. He looked through the Coast to Coast brochure and had to agree with my findings. I was assured that I would be receiving full credit for the membership purchased in good faith that we could not use. I contacted my attorney the next day and with advice from him and a poor chance of receiving a refund proceeded to follow, to the letter, the cancellation policy of the membership agreement. I am relieved to say the company was very pleasant and I received a complete credit to my account today. There is only a three day window for this reimbursement to be accepted. I consider myself very lucky that I read the membership agreement thoroughly. Unfortunately I did not have a chance to look at the Coast to Coast literature until after I completed the initial transaction. I can not complain about the staff of Outdoor Adventures Inc. I have learned a valuable lesson on purchasing before being able to investigate all materials provided.

Found At: Outdoor Adventures – lack of knowledge before signing up.

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