- Scam and fraud

This is the worst registrar we have ever dealt with. We got a domain reseller account from them and they wanted us to load $50.00 and we registered few domains through them as initial testing and all worked fine. They were replying to all our emails.

However, when we loaded the next $50.00 to start the business, their software fail to register a .com domain we were trying to register. We contacted them for days but they did not reply. Finally we emailed them to either allow registration or refund our money (simple) but they closed our account that okay, we will refund the amount. That was few months ago but till now, they have not refunded the money nor given us access to our domains.

They have hijacked all the domains that were first registered through their account. Now we can’t even change the contact information or name server of any domain and if we email them to at least provide us access to our domains, they do not reply for months. THIS IS THE WORST REGISTRAR WE HAVE EVER DEALT WITH.

If you need proofs, please feel free to write to us and we will send you the email conversation we had during with them since start and the ticket numbers still pending in their ticket system.

Found At: – Worst domain registrar hijacked our domains and money

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