Palm Harbor Plastic Surgery Centre [PHPSC]

I went to Dr. Jay Ross for both upper & lower eyelids surgery on October 2014. I had several crease on my left eyelid. I asked him to cut off all those crease to make just one nice crease on my left eyelid. He did not do that. Now I still have two double creases on my left eyelid which I asked him to redo the surgery that he refused to do. I am not satisfied with the result but he did not care. He took my money and ran. He was very unprofessional and uncaring doctor that I have ever been too, so was his nursing staff. He was supposed to follow-up with me 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months to 1 year after the surgery. But just after 1 month his nurse called and wanted to cancel my follow-up appointment with Dr. Ross, they didn’t want to see me and do anything with me after that. Dr. Ross was very unethical, very unprofessional, never wanted to answer my questions and always very rude to me. There must be something to be done about him!

Found At: Palm Harbor Plastic Surgery Centre [PHPSC] – botched job on plastic surgery

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