Paris Attitude

We rented near Madeleine four years ago directly from the owner and it was superb but her apartment was blocked out for a year so tried to get something similar in the same place. Paris Attitude forces you to give them copies of your passport pages and full credit card details before they let you get in touch with the owner. If the owner agrees to you renting Paris Attitude takes a 33% fee out of your credit card and then continues to make exhorbitant demands. We had to pay a week’s rent in advance months before we were to travel, we were told we had to take out French insurance through Paris Attitude, that we had to hand over three weeks’ rent in cash when we arrived and that two weeks would be returned the morning we left. Not a safe thing to have to do in pickpocket ridden Paris. Prior to leaving for Paris we constantly got emails about taking more and more of their services and throughout our stay we were badgered by email in the same way. I investigated a different agency which, I regret to say, would have been a much better apartment and the fee included in the weekly rent. Paris Attitude is just a rip off merchant.

Found At: Paris Attitude – Exorbitant fee and continual harassment to purchase other services

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