PayPal Debit Card [protected] Employee #47525 on 11:09 Am Mountain Standard Time – PayPal Supervisor – providing terrible costumer service in light of the many ball drops from PayPal and PayPal on-line credit partner division and PayPal debit. They clearly are not connected at a level that is acceptable by today’s standards. You would not expect to waist hours of time to address simple issues and be met with competent services members but their outsourcing to other countries is pathetic. All you wind up doing here is being bounced around from one division to the next. Spending /wasting your time going through the automated questions over and over again. Then repeating yourself to people that truly don’t get the nuisances that are required to have an intelligent conversation (as they are from different countries). PaPal needs a swift kick in the BUTT. Use another service provider. Supervisors are not capable of doing anything but wasting more of your time without the ability to do anything unless they cared enough to make a difference in the process, they actually will lie to you when you are tryin to escalate the issue to a higher level. DON’T USE PAY PAL it will be a waste of your time, if you need to address anything on your account. Glad my call was recorded as the PayPal management can review the disregard or care to work through issues of their costumers then they will simply drop your call when it’s convenient form them to do so.

Found At: PayPal – Debit card division

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