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I was also dealt a bad hand with PC ProSchools…and I understood the risk when I signed up (while also thinking will it pay off-the 25k in private loan tuition). PC ProSchools mentoring was medocre at best since I-and the whole class- felt the TA was not a very good teacher…and it is due to this that I didn’t even get my diploma from PC ProSchools.
I wrote to the school asking for more help and to unlock the rest of my practice exams and they have yet to respond or do anything about it-been over 3 months now. Obviously the school is a business, but they should at least have some decency to respond to people (even after paying the rediculous amount of tuition).
On another note, you will NEVER get back the amount of money you put into this school…I will give you two reasons…One=they try to place you at a help desk type position, which usually leads nowhere fast. Two=the people who took the loan option will end up paying $50k when all is said and done…which will never be made back because technology constantly changes and you will have to pay more money to keep current with certifications. Optional=this program offers NO DEGREE, and that is what employers today want-not certifications (that are mostly outdated based from industry standards).
I am all for filing a class action lawsuit…has anyone else already done so?


Found At: PC ProSchools – Tuition scam

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