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We had two special made window 1200 each in 1991. The window show fingerprints between the glass. It looks like gas between windows. In entire house is leaking out. I can’t clean them. The dust is between the glass of the double pain. I have 2 specialty windows that windows were special made and 20 more windows throughout my house. They all look terrible. I paid slot of money for peach tree windows because at that time they were the best. 28 years laters I’m looking at having to replace them. What recourse do I have? Is there a warranty of any kind on these windows? I am so dissatisfied and disappointed with the quality. I can’t even get replacement window locks without paying over priced parts. Please send me info on what I can do. The picture doesn’t do justice to what it really lookS like. Windows are smoky looking.
Nov 6 2019

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