I moved from a house into a new apartment on April 1. The electric and gas were already on so I called PECO to have service put into my name at the apartment and to have service terminated at my house on April 30. It turned out that the previous tenant had left a large unpaid balance, so they asked me to fax in two forms of ID and my lease to their Revenue Management department. I did this on April 3.

I called on April 7 for an update. They confirmed that they had received my paperwork and that they had to continue their investigation before they could transfer service into my name. I was told that it typically takes 3-5 days and to call back towards the end of the week.

I called on April 10 and was again told that my paperwork had been received, but that it was still being processed. The woman I spoke to was unable to tell me when I could expect to get service. She took my phone number and said I’d get a call back, which I didn’t. When I got home that day, I found a shutoff notice addressed to the previous tenant and, sure enough, I didn’t have any electricity.

I called the next morning and the woman I spoke to said that my order had been put in wrong. It had been put in as additional service, not a transfer. She tried to get somone in PECO’s resolution department to see if I could get my service turned back on today, but was unsuccessful. She sent them an email and said to call in if I didn’t get a call back by noon.

Sure enough, noon arrived and no call. I called PECO again and was told again that my paperwork had been received, that it hadn’t been processed, that she couldn’t give me an estimate as to when it would be processed, that there was nobody else I could talk to, and that if I gave her my phone number, someone would call me back. Unsurprisingly, nobody called.

I understand that PECO’s trying to reduce fraud, but what they’re doing just defies common sense. I’m a longtime PECO customer who pays his bills on time and I’m applying to take over service from a person who didn’t pay their bills. If PECO had just left the service on until their “investigation” was complete, they’d have a happy customer and some revenue coming in on a location which was losing them money.

Found At: PECO – frustratingly incompetent service

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