To whom it may concern,

I am writing to make an official complaint about an unpleasant experience I had at Perodua Service Centre recently.

The history goes as below:

I purchased MYVI 1500 (VBT 8156) in 2018 June. I would like to remind you of the nationwide recall of the car in 2018 for the fuel pump change for you to analyze this case closely. I have a track record of good car maintenance as well. Do take note that, within 2 weeks of purchase, I wasn’t able to start the car. I had to call my sales manager to rectify the issue.

To make things worse, since July 2021, The anti-accident feature failed to operate.

As a consequence, I met with an accident on 19 Sept 2021. Fortunately, On 18 Sept, I sent the car for inspection (inspection record document attached for your ref.) They reset the error code and sent me back. The lights kept blinking.

Following the accident, I sent the car for repair to Perodua Prima on 23 Sept 2021 and they repaired the damages incurred by the accident but asked me to take the car to Perodua Service Centre to be tested for the preexisting faulty (Engine light, anti-accident feature light, and the ASA).

Following the repair, in October, I sent the car again for inspection and in November 2021, I brought the car for major service and told them to check the condition – the blinking light and they checked and said the error shows that the spark plugs need to be changed, which I agreed to, and paid extra on top of my major service fee in the hope that my issue will be resolved. Upon going back, the lights appeared back blinking.

I raised the issue to my Car Sales Manager – Pandan Prima Ctr and he suggested that I send the car to Keramat Service Centre since I purchased the car from the area. I did bring the car to Keramat Service Centre on 15 Feb 2022. They checked the car again whereby it took them close to 6 hours to complete the inspection and they told me that the Engine Wire is faulty and needs to be changed. It is going to cost me RM800. My questions are:

1. Why the fault was unable to get detected by the Balakong Perodua Service Centre in the first place? (Does this indicate the service staff is incompetent or the equipment are at no capacity to identify the exact issue of the vehicle?

When I asked the current staff from Keramat why they failed to detect the exact issue earlier, he said “Itu Saya tak pasti”. Do we customers get this kind of reply from the service manager?

2. Will repairing the engine wire fully resolve the issue? – I did not get a clear answer from anyone and I have been manipulated to deposit to order the product which is not even in stock at the HQ! I was told (only after further probing) that I will have to wait for more than a month for the product to arrive.

3. Meanwhile, I inquired the service manager if it is safe to drive the car and he said (with a sarcastic chuckle) that it will be okay. He then called me again to say that I should not be driving the car long-distance. This is downright unacceptable as the consumer’s safety has been compromised by the service manager.

4. The branch manager was not around to resolve the issue – and after wasting about 8 hours, I had to drive my car back home in the dangerous condition – I can, by all means, take this to the consumer ministry under “Right to safety”, “right to be heard and informed”!

However, I am requesting the management to look into this with empathy.

My entire family has been Perodua clients for decades.

I am disappointed to have received such a product from a company your size and reputation.

I find what happened unacceptable at all scales and request you to rectify this issue by changing the relevant parts in the engine at no cost since I am afraid that I will face more issues in the near future.

On 17 Feb, as per the advice from the manager of Perodua Keramat Service Centre, I spoke Ms. Niza from Perodua Customer Service and I was asked to send this complaint letter to

[protected] and that they can look into this matter to see the best way to assist me.

I need assurance that this will not repeat. I am by all means ready to take this to the consumer ministry and then to the media if this doesn’t get resolved amicably.

Disappointed customer,

Teeba Ganeson

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