When buying cat litter at Petco six weeks ago I checked the price of their Wellness Canned Cat Food, I typically bought 5 cases of Wellness at a local petstore which was about 5 miles from my home. I told the manager that I paid $36.99/case and the petco cost was $44.99. The manager called my local store and verified the price and told me he would match the price. I bought several cases of cat food by going to Petco and they matched the price. When I went to the store today, I was told that I needed to bring a receipt from my local store even though I had several receipts showing they had matched the price over the past six weeks or so. I told them that if I was to buy cases of Wellness from my local store, just to keep bringing them receipts, there was no point shopping at PEtco, I could could simply buy as I had from my local store. I told them I would call their corporate offices but when i looked could not find a way to contact them. I feel lied to and deceived — essentially i was told they would price match and after six weeks they refused to continue doing so.

Found At: Petco – did not honor price match

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