Brought a doe rabbit around 12 weeks ago was told she was a girl, I was thrilled as I had lost my [censored] dog 12 months ago and was still hurting from this. So when my mum asked what I wanted for my 30th birthday a wished for a rabbit I’d always liked taking care of rabbits when I was a child so I start looking I found a self blue doe I fell in love with her instantly so I told my mum within the day my mum had got a cage and went with my partner to go and pick her up, they was an elderly couple and really seemed to know what they was talking about, both seemingly trustworthy people how wrong could we be infact she has turned out to be a he took her to the vets for a check up and to book her vacations and was informed she wasn’t actually a girl, I broke down in tears how could the breeder be so sure she was a doe when infact she was a boy this has left me feeling very let down with the pets for homes website as I was under the impression that the breeders know what they are doing. I have recently contacted the couple who seemed Unsympathetic about there mistake I asked if I could bring him back and they said I’ll have to sale him as she was unwilling to have him back I am finding it hard to believe because it was there lack of competence that this has happened and we have paid £100 for a rabbit which I thought was female. Sorry to go on a bit but this situation has really upset me hope you can understand my annoyance many thanks Emma.

Found At: Pets4Homes – Hazel heathcote

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