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On 9th May, 2014, I took airplane from Cebu to Seoul, Incheon airport.
It was 1am in the morning and the airport and airplane was very cold, so I asked for blanket before the aircraft took off.
Later, I was informed that the blanket is not for every passenger and they have no more blanket at all because blankets are for children.

I cannot understand the reason of 1. What kind of problem the Philippine airline has with blankets so they refuse to carry for all passenger on board, 2. If it is a policy of Philippine airline of not carrying enough number of blankets for all passengers then why they prepared one for each person when I took a flight from Seoul to Cebu.

Above all, I was very upset about the attitude of the crew that she did not show any interest on my inconvenience at all.
I already complained about the low room temperature of the airplane and requested for blanket.
My request had been ignored and when I made second request she went to check but never came back with answer.
As my seat was at emergency door so it wasn’t difficult to locate me at all.
After meal, I went to the toilet, shivering with cold, I saw so many grown-ups with blankets under very warm air, that the heating does do nothing on the seats next to the emergency door.

I find it indifference and ignorance of the crew. Thanks to her, I had light cold and ache all over my body after the flight.

I want to have sincere apology and reliable explanation from the cabin crew and Philippine airline on this happening,
and if I take this Airline next time, specially late-night flight, I hope to have proper blanket for every passenger on board.

As I post this on this site, I send complaint e-mail on Philippine airline as well.
I will wait the response of Philippine airline until this Friday, 16th May, 2014
and see if they can convince me.

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