I been in touch with midway ford in miami where i bought the ford edge 2013 0 miles since july 2015 in other to resolve the weather crack piirelli tires come in my vehicle, mr. Garbalosa gave the pirelli phone and they asked me to get my vehicle 4 times for inspection by their rep. Today feb 4 2016 i got an app. With pirelli rep. At 1.30 pm an he offer me a prorated charge of $711.14 to replace the tires, i called mr. Andrew to explain that my car have only 5600 miles and he reponded to me that is the adjustment bacause if cleaned the tire with any product sold on the auto parts in us was the tires crack and rot cause, i attonished to hear that and i ask if their comply with the warranty regulations by the us goverment. Im very dissapointed for this long and tiredness way on processing a warranty issue by a customer. So i think they used my time to fool me. Please i plage your assistant in this matter. Thank you

Found At: Pirelli – Tires scorpion zero p265

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