Pivotal Home Solutions (formerly Nicor Home Solutions)

My name is Deborah Campbell Smith
926 W. Terrace Drive
Glenwood, ILL 60425

Account# 389257
Contract # 910075

Mr Appliance came out on 7/6/2021 Invoice# 5835508 Deemed machine unrepairable. $400.00 to be issued toward purchase of New machine. Tech name was Rodney Authcode# 2743266
I did filed claim and emailed to claim reimbursement @amwater.com all forms plus receipts to them. Was told it would take 4 weeks. Called after 8 weeks spoke with Suptvisior Roberta L Deoach-Wright who was very sorry for this experience. She ask me to mail her all my info. She confirmed that she had received all my information. Because they had changed systems in which this update would benefits customers more speedy. Today I still receive information stating they have not received recipcts for washer or my plumbing issue. I will do another complain concerning my plumbing issue

email – [protected]@aol.com

Found At: Pivotal Home Solutions (formerly Nicor Home Solutions) – Washer machine deemed unrepairable

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