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I purchased a Smite Account on 02/13/20 (Order 5714656) without incident. I followed every single step to assure that the account was securely transferred to my ownership by changing all login credentials, email, password, billing information, and even went on to establish 2-factor login authentication and made in game purchase to establish an ownership record. The seller seemed legit too, with over 30 reviews, and over 90% positive score, so I felt pretty safe with the transaction, even though this is the first time I have ever purchased a secondhand account.

On the afternoon of 02/26/20, at 4:30pm, I received a text notifying me that someone was attempting to login to the account. I was at work, so I know it was not me. As quickly as I was able, I got to a computer, and attempted to access the account, and discovered all of the login credentials had been changed. I attempted to contact Hi-Rez, and could not, due to their system requiring access to the account to contact customer support. I reached out to the seller several times, and did not receive a response from him until I escalated the issue to a Dispute, over 40 hours later! That was on 02/28/2020 at 9:52am.

The Seller’s response was simply, “Sorry for the issues I accepted your refund request.” I figured that would be enough for PlayerAuctions to simply refund my money.

Nope. This morning, I got an email indicating that a resolution had been reached, so I access my account, and the Dispute has been closed with no explanation, and $0 refund, all funds dispersed to the seller.

I provided all screenshots to PlayerAuctions of the login screens showing the credentials had been changed, the text message of the 2-factor login coming in at a time I was at work, and they have the message showing the seller agreed to the refund!

This company is a SCAM! Avoid at all costs! I will certainly be taking further action with my bank to ensure that the funds that are rightfully mine are returned.

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