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After numerous phone calls, extreme pressure guaranteeing an income from home of £2, 000 per month and also being asked about my credit card limits etc I agreed to pay a deposit of £497 from my credit card and agreed to monthly payments of £109 per month which if I was earning £2, 000 seemed affordable. The day after I tried phoning and also e mailed the company as I could not access a copy of my contract from my PC and wanted to read the clause ref changing your mind and obtaining a refund. The only time I heard from them was in November when after my credit card had been maxed out paying my monthly premiums the card issuer refused payment. I explained my financial situation and that I could not afford the payments and asked about a refund. I was told I was beyond the refund period. They did postpone my payments for a couple of months but after that time I could still not pay the monthly payment I started getting letters from Duvera Financial sometimes 3 a week. The last letter informing me of an enforced payment, but there is still no money on my credit card as I can only afford the mimimum payment each month. This whole experience is making me ill is there anything you can do to help me?
I received one phone call from PMI just doing a tour of the programme then received a piece of paper with no work instructions ref a website. Please help me. Kind regards, Mel


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Found At: PMI Education – SCAM

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