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On Black friday I decided to give on-line shopping a try. I was successful at 3am with Kohls and then moved on to WalMart at 5am to purchase a 50″ TV. I was thrilled I got it and went immediately to checkout. As I was trying to use my debit card from PNC a security alert came on and they wouldn’t let my transaction go thru. I then tried my husband’s card to no avail. I then lost the TV! Finally I tried online chat with PNC and they wouldn’t release any info unless I could tell them the exact amount of the purchase (which didn’t go thru!). I WAS FURIOUS! At the time I had over $3000 in my accout and had only spent about $400 online that morning. My daily limit for my card is $2000. After I got no where with the chat line I called the 800 number and was again asked ridiculous questions! FINALLY they agreed to release the hold on my card but by that time I had lost the TV and the entire order I had placed for Bergners and Sears. All in all this “freeze” cost me $1500 if I were to now go and try to purchase these same items. I asked them if no one had told them about Black Friday?! They were rude and offered nothing to compensate for this debacle. They claimed they tried to call our home at 5am (who in the hell expects the bank to be calling at 5am? and NO they didn’t really call!) I did get a message later in the day (after I made the complaint) and I’m sure this was just a c.y.a move. Did anyone else have anything like this happen? Any ideas on if I can go after the bank for causing this problem?!

Found At: PNC Financial Services Group – security freeze on acct

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