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My family and I picked up sandwiches from Potbelly Sandwiches at Danada Square. I used to love the food quality there. It was my favorite but it no longer is. I am very upset.

We purchased the following:

1. One roast beef for my husband;
2. One meatball for my 3 year old; and
3. Two Italians for my mother and me.

At the time of the purchase, we were fine with paying their increased fees.
I have no problem paying for quality.

Also, as a side note, my mother was recently out of surgery and back at home recovering from an serious surgery. There was an eight-inch abdominal, through muscle and everything, incision that was in the early stages of healing. In fact, the same day we bought dinner was the same day that she had her staples removed.

On with my story… We brought the sandwiches to my mother’s house and ate them. My mother and I commented that the sandwiches weren’t the same and they might have switched the type of meat, because it wasn’t very good. In retrospect, that conversation must have been wishful thinking.

Within 60 or so minutes from eating my mother and I were extremely sick from our sandwiches. My husband and daughter were fine thankfully.

However, can you imaging having a large abdominal wound and having to dry heave all night from a sandwich! Not only was my mother sick she was also in extreme pain due to the need to use a wounded muscle in attempts to rid her body of rotten food.

End of the story… My mother has recovered and is doing well and I am explosively angry because all we got was a VOICE MAIL MESSAGE INQUIRING IF WE WERE FEELING BETTER!

Think again before you eat there, when obviously their customers don’t matter.

Maybe while they are so busying increasing their prices, they should take a moment to check the dates on their stock…


Found At: Potbelly Sandwiches – Beware – salami gone bad

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