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I purchased the Hudson collection in approximately 2011 order number [protected]. My bed side railing recently collapsed. Upon inquiry to Pottery Barn they told me that was normal wear and tear. When removing the mattresses too take the side rail to a furniture repair shop I noted improper installation of the bed. The slats used are too small and barely reach the left side which collapsed. It is clear that they put more than one screw in trying to adjust for the improper slats. One screw did not even make it into the side being. There is also a total of five total slats. One slat is missing the vertical support beam. All of these imperfections and installation led to the premature collapse of my bed. I don’t believe the Hudson furniture should collapse after six years of normal wear and tear. I am a single mom I weigh approximately 180 pounds. That should not be excess wear and tear on the bed. The bed remains installed in its initial location. This is a failure of your delivery team to properly install a bed. Your customer service team including ACM told me that they cannot help me because it is out of the time frame needed to make a complaint. I don’t believe any reasonable customer would stand by and observe your installation team placing the slats or remove the bed springs after they had installed them in order to see if they had done proper installation. There is no reasonable expectation that I would have noted the failure to properly install the bed prior to it collapsing. Therefore I feel Pottery Barn needs to address this problem. I am OK with the side rail being repaired as new rails would not match the current stain. But what I do need is a proper base/slats or this will just occur again.

Jeanne Dillenbeck
Cell [protected]

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