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Hello I am so sorry this has happened to you. But your not alone. I have been a victim to these horrible people scamming me and so many other people. Maria cook has partnered up with michelle farrell who I think now goes by angie shelly. I just want you guys to google her name as well so you know what kind of con artist you are dealing with. Please dont trust these people with contracts, or with giving them your money! Google their names and you will see various complaints. These are not by ex employees who are leaving these remarks these are brides, grooms, vendors, and innocent people who sign up for an internship program and get scammed. Go on better business website and you will see maria cook is the ceo of premier productions. On better business you will see michelle has owned fleursyours, planning house, and she has worked with good time group and toscana experience and they all have scammed people. Michelle is currently under investigation by the los angeles fraud division and please please spread the word and the contact information of the detective and district attorney to put these two behind bars! Currently michelle is being investigated. Email or call the detective and da and tell them your story save contracts emails and phone messages. The way they are advertising is consumer fraud! You can get your money back from them! But you need to contact the detective and da! Here is their information please contact me if you have any further questions or concerns. Thank you! Fox 11 news did two segments on michelle farrell because she is a con artist and fraud of a wedding planner/internship program!

Detective martha wetzel
Serial no. 24940
Commercial crimes division
Office: [protected]
Fax: [protected]
Email: [protected]@lapd. Lacity.org

The district attorney is joy roberts her email and contact info is: [protected] email: [protected]@da. Lacounty.gov

Found At: Premier Productions – scam

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