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Prestige Sales USA

door-to-door book/magazines sales scam”>

Well, I hate to admit it but I just got scammed! I was already distracted by trying to care for my severely disabled son, and a young man (approx. 20 yrs old) knocks on my door. He said he was a neighbor and pointed in the direction of a house that has sons about his age, whom I’ve never met. Long story, short…”Philip Fremento” said he was earning a trip to London. He looked “clean-cut” enough. I noticed tatoos on his forearm and ankle, but so many people get those these days; it’s no longer just the “hoodlums”. He said I could donate the books to Texas Children’s Hospital and get a tax-deduction—said he tells people that because the hospital has helped his brother who has autism. I then told him that I stay home with my disabled son, so I couldn’t afford much but would help him out. I really should never answer the door when I’m not expecting someone–especially when I’m already preoccupied. Luckily, he only took me for $55; I’ve since read stories on the web where people have gotten taken for hundreds of dollars! The worst part is that he convinced me to send the books to Texas Children’s, so now I realize that I’ll really never know if the books were sent there. Likely not! This guy was a very smooth liar. I just hope someone reads this “before” they get taken.


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