Pride Mobility

Purchased a Jazzy 614 power chair, delivered on 05/19/2020.
Chair had broken part on right side above the wheel. The bar under the right arm was scratched with pliers. I think they dropped the chair or messed it up when they put it together. If you adjusted the joystick back where you could reach it, then the joystick would turn out. The chair was clearly damaged and they should not have brought it to me like that. They also gave me a charger that is no longer made and not for the chair. I purchased the broke part and a correct charger myself. With Covid-19, don’t want to be around people. I have got the runaround from them about getting a replacement chair. On 08/01/2020, the chair died out. They said they would come out with a Pride representative. They lied. Two store employees came out on 08/19/2020. They took the chair back with them. This place thinks it is good business practices to rip people off. The do not care for their customers and are full of outrageous excuses.
They ripped me off $3, 779.00. I have requested a refund twice and they ignore me.
There are lawsuits; Jazzy chairs catching fire. People have burnt up in these chairs.
I don’t call being a Pride Authorized Dealer caring about your customers. Now we know why Home Health Store does not buy these chairs, but they will gladly get you one.

Found At: Pride Mobility – Jazzy 614 hd power chair

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