Went to a “job interview” and I was listening until I realized all they fed me was bunch of bs! The agent interviewing me made me think it was a good opportunity at first, and really saw potential in me. I went along with it, we agreed at a point and I gave him my information but Jesus I felt like I was pressured into agreeing what this guy had to say to me the entire time! He asked to see my debit card, took it from my hands, and didn’t even tell me what the hell he was doing or where he was putting my information. Asked them for my social but didn’t give them it. I had a horrible gut feeling because he was so shady. I mean how is that professional at all? Taking my info like that and not even telling me where he was putting it. He was using his phone to gather my information. If it really was a legit job agreement, wouldn’t I have to physically sign something or agree to a contract? I didn’t get any of it. After that I immediately let them know I didn’t want anything to do with their company, I wanted out, they accepted my decision. We both came to an agreement that I was no longer about to make a job agreement with them. I didn’t hear of primerica again until I get a bank statement that primerica took 125 out of my bank account two weeks later! Like what the hell! They submitted my information anyway when I told them not to! I tried getting through support for a refund and every time I try getting ahold of them on the phone they tell me I need to put in my social security and add my account PIN number. WHAT ACCOUNT? I didn’t even make an account!? These people are so shady. I specifically told them NO! I want my money back!

Found At: Primerica – fraud

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