I ordered a fall arrangement to be delivered to my daughter on 11/6 for her birthday. They were not delivered and when I contacted the 800 customer service (which by the way it was obvious that they were in India, Pakistan, or the Phillipines or somewhere OUTSIDE the U.S.) on 11/6 starting at 7 pm EST the so called service was appalling and totally incompetent. I was on the phone for at least an hour being passed around from representative to representative and a Ms. Susie said she was messaging the local FL florist to upgrade the arrangement and make sure it was delivered today 11/7 by 4 pm-it was not. and as I write this it is 6 pm. Now I have spent another hour going from 1 rep to another and when I was transferred to someone name Jenny supposedly in the US, in CT, I was disconnected after going through my whole story yet again and having her tell me that the local florist was just not answering.

This is the worst customer service I have ever gotten-basically NO customer service-just “we cannot tell you who the local florist is because of some privacy policy” and why don’t we just try again for tomorrow! UNACCEPTABLE! As a customer I have a right to know what US local florist is being used and Pro-Flowers should be totally reviewing their overseas call centers who simply spout platitudes, but cannot DO anything and also the below grade florists. Usually when there is this much ineptitude, there is a problem at the corporate level.

Patti Beattie

Found At: ProFlowers – Non-delivery and poor customer service!!!!!!

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