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I recently joined Property Wikia in Sept 2011, with their guarantee of listing properties and receive $3200 per listing when sold or $160.00 a week until sold after 12 weeks. I went out and got 135 personal properties and recruited others to due the same and get an overide off their properties. Starting in November my properties were scheduled for security check after which they would be scheduled for payout. The clients were suspose to enter the Name, Address, Id# and date registered to clear security check. I kept a copy of their date registered with their Id# for future references in case they forgot it. When the security check started over 90% didn’t pass the security check, when I emailed Julian Vincent if that is who he is he said that they were putting there address incorrectly. I found that hard to believe that 90% of my clients didnt know their name and address. I decided to call Property Wikia in London when I did I spoke to a Chris who waas very arrogant and explained my concerns with the security check. He said Julian was the only person who could help me and there was noone else. He didnt want to hear any more about the security check and hung up. Within 30 minutes I received a email from Property Wikia that said my affiliate account was closed. All my pending commissions they will not pay since I am no longer an affiliate. This just goes to show that as you get close to a payout they will close your account. I believe they should have to pay the commissions as I got the listings that they said and each listing had a seperaate IP address that showed they were individually listed. This company should be closed down and not allowed to steal from people. But even if they are shut down JULIAN VINCENT probably has a few other names that he would start up under again.

Found At: Property Wikia – This company should be closed down and not allowed to steal from people

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