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My manager from a previous store lied to my face, tricked me into a small 8′ x 8′ room with a 250 pound store manager who continuously harassed me about the fact that I refused to shake a new employee’s hand who was being given a job that he had promised to me (not once but more than three times). He said, “I have never been so embarrassed in all my life” and he said it over and over again. I apologized three times while my manager watched (this is a small room which included a desk and three chairs so we were very close in proximity). I said, “I apologize and am sorry and I promise you that it will never happen again.”. But that wasn’t enough and after three times of repeating myself and the store manager obsessing about his humiliation, the meeting was over. My manager then took me down the hall to finish her lie to me about having to change my punch in record in the system because when she got us to that office she said “Opps, I must have been mistaken, there is no error in your punch in log” and then she smiled and laughed as she looked me in the eye as if to say, ” I lied to you and now you are screwed.”. As we walked down the stairs she then also said, “I heard that you applied for a transfer” and after 2 years of me working hard and submitting to her bullying, humiliation, degradation, lies, arrogance and cruel abusive words …then she said “I’m disappointed in you”. In one week, I was gone because another store manager took mercy on me and saved me from her. Most people would be using fowl language by now but I am not because I am telling the truth. If you read all the stories regarding Publix on the complaint board you will find this same scenario (less the swear words) over and over again. There must be thousands of us out there who have been almost destroyed by Publix and ruined for life. There has got to be a lawsuit out there somewhere. Are there any lawyers reading this? Take us on, now and let’s win another 81.5 million from Publix which was the last discrimination lawsuit won in 1997. It’s time for a new one. Set up a website and I will find you. I search for you every week.

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