Pueblo Bonito Golf & Spa Resorts

Our family has been going to Peublo Bonito for the last few years on vacation and decided to buy a time share during our last vacation there in December 2010. We were told we were purchasing a “premier” package, which included a 2 bedroom unit 2 weeks per year, every year, with 5 bonus weeks for signing on.We were even shown a representative two bedroom unit, and were told this is representative of the units we would be able to stay in.
Upon returning home we looked foward to booking our first trip at Pueblo Bonito in our new time share. Upon booking however, we were told that “premier” packages did NOT include two bedroom suites, and were are only able to use the package every other year. Essentially everything we were told by the sales rep at Pueblo Bonito was a lie. RCI rep was not sympathetic and did not offer any way out of this scam. We quickly contacted out credit card company to inform them of the fraud, and they are currently investigating out complaints. Hopefully our credit card company will be able to stop payment on this transaction.
There seem to be many other similar complaints on the web regarding Pueblo Bonito’s unscrupulous sales tactics. I am not sure how this will ultimately play out, but would be interested in entertaining a class action suit againts Pueblo Bonito and RCI. Please feel free to contact me via email if anyone shares my feelings or has fallen prey to this bait and switch scam.
If you are considering staying at Pueblo Bonito, or God forbid purchasing a time share there, please, DO NOT!

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