Shangri-la nail spa sign at choa chu Kang Ave 4 - Dishornest claims on Nair removal

Todd Richardson has moved from state to state stealing peoples money for years He is currently in Colorado.. He “enticed” me to work for his “company” years ago here in Phoenix, AZ. He has since moved to Colorado; changed the name of his company from to the current URL . Darren Paulson from MN. is also running a very profitable telemarketing scam here in AZ under the URL . How it “Works” is they both lure business owners through their Google Ad’s, or ADWORDS Accounts to make their co’s appear legitimate. Well aware that people in general see their ad at the top, and the website posts phony references and testimonials, etc. that they must be the real deal. The unwitting Loan Officer, Marketing Manager, or for that matter any industry needing more business fills out a form with their lead generating needs. ALWAYS A CHECK, no credit is allowed, keeping it under the amount it would be worth suing over..They differentiate themselves from upstanding telesales companies in 2 ways:
1.They are willing to let your pest control, or insurance business, “test it out” first. (The Price Low) Those 2 seldom work.
2. They Know EXACTLY how to use keywords on Google, Yahoo, and everyother search engine that optimize their “positions” on said search Engines.(All they do is “risk more” per adword than anyone else is willing., than turn Adwords off when they “hooked you”)
3.Put you in touch w/ a “manager(Waiting for the check to clear who will have you a “script” for approval after you fill out a NCW, New Client Worksheet(They Are still waiting for the check to clear) Gotta keep you busy, undistracted.
They Sell The Leads to the 3 man sales force, promise great results, cite other leaders in the victims industry as clients, and get you to send them a check. When you want references the two of them had people with phones purport to be in your line of business. The checks were going to Todd Richardsons home address via FedEx in Scottsdale on Mission Drive. They Duped me into believing that I was selling something that would generate more business, once the “trial campaign” was over. All the while paying for leads that were nefariousely generated and believing there was a legitimate call center in Omaha, Nebraska. Someone stated on a note that this was a small scheme; Todd Richardson lived in a million dollar Home has a 745 I BMW, Hummer, Lexus, his wife Shelly buys 2, 000.00 purses every week.. When I realized that I had been lied to, after telling both Darren & Todd I was a single Dad 6 months prior, and they better not lie to me. Not with a baby boy, Todd being who is, despite his three daughters being young had no qualms with using other people gathering the $$ and closing “shop” and off to Denver. I will cooperate with any Law Enforcement Agency neccessary. I will give them Darren Paulsons license on his old Mercedes, and I believe Porsche Cayanne now.My son is 6 and it sickens me that these two are still able to get a “service Level” Agreement signed and receives hundred’s of thousand’s of dollars worth of checks. If you have been taken advantage of either of these two please click on their Google Ad’s, and fill out a form once in there; it would cost THEM money! Pay Per Click. Fill out 2 if you are in the mood. If you do send a check and read this after I wrote it; The Bank in Colorado would be of great interest (where it was cashed) Fraud is Fraud.

Found At: – Todd Richardson, Shelly Richardson, Darren Paulson

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