I ordered a Dooney and Bourke over the phone to make sure the purchase and delivery was done correctly. The item was sent to my billing and not shipping address. The starting on the 30th of March at 3:30 pm I had a series of long periods of time on hold, clearly overburdened customer service representatives telling me they could do nothing, as well as false promises. My credit card was processes an additional time without my permission to then find out, again contrary to what was promised, I could not get my pocketbook before I left for my trip. Now I have had my credit card processed for THREE purchases with no pocket book. The last agent I spoke to was Jay who was deflective and dismissive– at best. Offering no contract information for anyone in a position of authority. I was on hold today for 73 minutes before I gave up. I have never experienced anything like this. No business, if they did not have the volume to rely on, could survive like this. Its against basic business principles and consumer rights. This is my third online post and I will continue to post on very available resource.

Found At: QVC – dooney and bourke

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