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STOP AND READ! We have received multiple complaints about Ms. Alesia Dixon at Rare Bulldogs, located in Cantonment Florida and partners with Leighann Arizmendi of Hemet Califonia are massive puppy mills. (English Bulldog & French bulldogs!) Both are currently under investigation and have pending lawsuits against them as well as potential criminal charges from allegations of things ranging from animal abuse to theft. Direct links to animal inspection reports done at Ms. Alesia Dixons aka / Rare Bulldogs (small trailer) residence in Cantonment, FL are now a matter of public record easily found online.

NOTE: At Ms. Alesia Dixon (Rare Bulldogs) home, animal welfare investigators found 57 English Bulldogs & french bulldogs being housed along with Alesia Dixon herself and others in this small older model, run down single wide mobile/trailer home. One of the contributors to this site states that “the kennel” for some of these English dogs is a small run down storage shed located behind the trailer and can be seen in some of the public videos & photos online. We at Bad Breeders also noted from both the first and second follow up reports from the local Animal control dated 02-28-2014, that MANY of these English bulldog puppies were sick and SEVERAL of the adult English & french bulldogs have major eye and skin issues as well as being denied required vaccinations and medical documents. Alesia Dixon of Rare Bulldogs is also NOT in compliance with state and federal laws pertaining to being a licensed dog breeder within her county and state. Alesia Dixon was also given citations for NOT immunizing MANY of the adult animals at the Florida puppymill location of Rare Bulldogs. Many of the rare color English and french bulldogs whom are NOT immunized are what Alesia Dixon considers or sells as “high dollar” dogs, (these are the English bulldog sires and dams whose puppies fetch up to $35, 000 per bulldog puppy!)

Alesia Dixon of Rare Bulldogs also states to the inspecting animal welfare officer that she requires buyers to sign away their rights under the Florida Puppy Lemon Law by written contract at the time of purchase which is illegal & fraudulent activity. No breeder can overide the law for personal gain!

In summary, Rare Bulldogs aka owned by Alesia Dixon and Leighann Arizmendi is nothing more than a PUPPY MILL that is not concerned about the health and welfare of the animals they own but are a rare color bulldog breeding and selling mill. Sadly this puppymill takes advantage of the English Bulldog breed using rare color bulldogs such as blue bulldogs, lilac bulldogs, black tri & chocolate tri bulldogs to make a large income despite the suffering of these animals & undoubtedly the buyers involved. If a dog breeder does not start with healthy parents & take proper care of them they can’t possibly expect to have healthy puppies. Thus the reason the animal welfare inspecting officer noted that MANY OF THE PUPPIES WERE SICK upon their inspection.

As a side note: Both Alesia Dixon and her partner Leighann Arizmendi of Rare Bulldogs ( are still under investigation as of mid 2014, more information will be posted as it is released!
As for new buyers: please warn anyone you can of this puppymill! All of this information is based completely on public record, not opinions. Photos are attached.

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