Real Canadian Superstore

The man who was promoting the PC financial card at the Courtenay BC branch of superstore was more than rude. I told him right off the bat very politely that I wasn’t interested. He approached & cornered me in an aisle not giving me a chance to walk away. I told him 50 times at least that I wasn’t interested. He then practically called me stupid & insulted my intelligence because I didn’t want to sign up for your credit card. I already have 2 & said I don’t want another. He badgered me for 10 minutes at least & would not let me be or get by him. This infuriated me extremely. This is harassment, & I don’t enjoy being cornered when I come in for groceries. & to call me stupid after not wanting it just made me more angry. I was never rude to him in any way & stayed polite. But I was close to telling him off. This was the evening of November 5th 2016. I am not pleased, & actually very unimpressed with this. I am very displeased with this customer service.

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