Redbox Automated Retail

I’ve been using Redbox for rentals for the past six months. There are two kiosks in my supermarket and I found the service to be cheap and convenient.

Well, that was until yesterday morning when I checked my account and found a $52.44 charge from them.

I have successfully returned every movie I ever rented from them. The last time I rented, it was two movies for two nights and that should’ve resulted in two charges of $2.19. Instead, I was charged $2.19+$52.44.. WHAT A RIP OFF.

The worst part is that they haven’t responded to any of the three emails I sent yesterday and it’s been well over the 24 hour response window they have stated on their website.

They’ve left me feeling completely helpless over this, my bank says I can’t reverse the charge because it’s a debit card. It’s just a mess.

I’M PISSED OFF and they have no reason for doing this. Even if they admitted that it was a mistake on their part and refunded me, WHO wants to deal with a company that makes THESE kinds of mistakes?

I’m so done with REDBOX. THEY are THEIVES

Found At: Redbox Automated Retail – unauthorized charges

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